Bespoke Development

If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur

We are primarily a Microsoft solutions organisation with strong experience in leveraging the Windows operating system, Microsoft Azure platform and cloud-based and web-based business models.  We deliver solutions that integrate seamlessly with current IT infrastructures and pride ourselves in a rapidly deployable and scalable Microsoft technologies.


A key driver for Albany is business intelligence; i.e. the ability to satisfy all requirements for business reporting, automating workflow, analysis and enabling our user to make informed business critical decisions instantly. We put great emphasis on trainer-less technology, user experience and in technical design.


Our designs are simple to live with and use, powerful, flexible and most of all maintainable. Our code must be clean, robust and easy to understand and well supported by the team. We can deploy our own programme, project, development, and test managers onsite; or, we can organise our consultants, architects, developers and testers to work with those of the client (often it’s a mixture of both).


We do not use an offshore model, and actively encourage our clients to visit us and work with our teams throughout the whole life cycle of the project. This ensures transparency with our clients gaining access to the highest quality resource as well as getting maximum value for money.