Project Management

Experience the benefits of fresh thinking from experienced minds

We can provide help with:

  • System specification creation 
  • Business process creation/optimisation
  • Technology strategy creation 
  • Product analysis 
  • Reviewing third party documentation
  • System performance analysis 
  • Migration planning 
  • Systems analysis

With years of business, comes years of valuable experience. We don’t have to write code to provide benefit to your business, sometimes our consultancy services can provide the critical help you need to find the answers your business needs to move forward. Problem solving for technical and business processes is at the heart of all we do and we can bring these skills to benefit your business.

From choosing an initial forward-thinking strategy through to planning a project decommission, our combination of software and business experience could provide just the insight you’re looking for. As software developers, we understand everything about software: from the design and creation through to the user deployment and on to the maintenance phase.

This detailed understanding of the entire process means we can help you avoid or mitigate the risks associated with many development projects. We want to ensure our consultancy projects deliver real value to your business so we’ll always agree exactly what deliverables you want from our work and we’ll deliver them with straight talk and using real world solutions.

Fresh input from people with wide experience, a deep technology understanding and are completely independent can be invaluable. And like everything we do we focus on results.