Project Rescue

We simply succeed where others fail

It’s a fact that a large proportion of IT projects fail. Yet we have a 100% success record. Should your project be in ‘difficulties’, for any reason, we can help and bring our experience and track record to your project. We’re well versed at getting up to speed quickly and have the agility to respond when you need us.

Our broad range of skills across languages, databases, operating systems and related technologies means we can quickly assign the right team for the job.

We’re proud to have successfully delivered projects in the past where we have taken over from others suppliers that have failed.

For obvious reasons, we won't talk too much about them but as examples of projects we’ve rescued:

  • An infrastructure system for an Insurance company let down by their FTSE 100 supplier.
  • An internal resource unable to deliver a reporting tool after 12 months effort that we subsequently delivered within four months.
  • An existing supplier saw the opportunity to take advantage of a friendship believing they had no other option. We took over and delivered significant remodelling so it was fit for purpose with significant saving.
  • Development of financial trading portal aggregating data through API'S was rescued and subsequently remodelled to perform correctly and deliver to POC stage within 4 months.