System Takeover

If you've got the source code, we can take it on.

We speak your Language

Sometimes you need to move on from your existing supplier or overstretched internal resources. Given that coding styles can vary so widely and there’s no telling the level of bugs hidden and ready to pounce, most suppliers don’t want to touch someone else’s source code with a barge pole.

The last thing you want is to be stuck with the current situation or having to throw away your investment and start again. It’s not good for your business or you. So this is where we can help, and we love a challenge. We’re not afraid of hard work and the surprises that come with ‘other people’s code’. The trick is to get confident in the existing system before exploring new phases. We’ll do an assessment and give you a straight talking, unbiased opinion of what you’ve got and how we can move you forward. We’ve taken on existing systems of all sizes, technologies and complexities.

It does not matter what technology they use; we’re not afraid to help you out.