ORA is a platform that gives an organisation the power to quickly and efficiently access and use information, increasing decision making and understanding. ORA will take you into our own search core to find results on the deep web, social media, forums, business information and subscription databases and internal data sources to collect any relevant information to be presented to the end user. The internet is a massive data warehouse of information and not just personal and business information. This includes domestic and international newspapers, industry and personal blogs, dating and personal sites, political and subversive groups. It also includes real estate and credit, individuals and businesses all of whom interact daily via blogs, chat rooms and any number of available social media outlets for a varying array of reasons such as employment opportunities, advice forums, dating, or just to express how their day is going.


Dishonest motor claims cheating industry of £811m


Cases of general insurance fraud in 2016


Personal injury claims linked to ‘crash for cash’ scams


£'s added to individual policies due to these crimes

More efficient claims investigation

ORA is designed to comprehensively uncover any valuable online information. The information obtained can help lay the foundations to uncover previously unknown or relevant information, detect supplementary income, or simply supply additional information all while saving the client valuable time and resources.

As the varying number of social networking sites increase, ORA will evolve and expand its investigative reach. It will dig deeper to uncover the hidden information through our own unique search core which will help our clients manage and obtain relevant information and assist as a valuable tool in helping focus and drive more traditional investigative avenues.

Collaboratively administrate empowered markets

The use of the internet and social media especially to investigate both individuals and businesses has exploded within the insurance and finance industries. This is because social media sites provide a real-time examination of users' lifestyles. Insurance companies, banks and any number of other industries have begun to monitor and mine them as a valuable source of information. Ora reports are composed of research of an infinite amount of Social networks, Company information, Micro-blogging and blogging websites, Picture and Video sharing sites, On-line commerce, Geo social networks, News, Media, and content that may no longer be accessible by search engines. Our unique search core will help you dive deeper and guide you to the relevant information minimising white noise and provide you an all-encompassing summary of your subject’s on-line footprint.


  • Investigating fraudulent claims
  • Due diligence
  • Compliance/KYC
  • Litigation support
  • Locating individuals
  • Background information for recruiting


  • Faster Claim Management
  • Strengthens your internal TCF Policy
  • Full audit trail of every interaction
  • Part of your compliance process
  • Speed and efficiency driver minimise white noise
  • Comprehensive data collection


If you need a manual to use the technology then we have failed. 

Elon Musk.