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Pukka Insure for ORA

Over the last year ORA has become an integral part of our underwriting software line of defence. Before ORA we were unable to identify and verify certain aspects of the risk presented to the Underwriting team at point of referral. Previously we used other less sophisticated methods which included visiting several websites, using up valuable time as the Broker was held on the phone whilst they waited for a decision. This build up in call times meant a poor start to the customer journey and policy handling and increased the internal workload resulting in either more staff being required, large backlogs, or the non-continuity of certain pieces of work. Being web based, ORA has been simple to hook up to our system, as there is no integration required. The team all have a log in so their work is recorded for audit purposes. Training was initially via webinar to speed things up but this has been followed up with detailed face to face training in our office which has been a huge advantage as this has really brought the product to life and has meant more questions and queries could be discussed in more detail, increasing the teams’ knowledge and thus the usefulness of the product. ORA allows us to speed up the referral process which improves customer journey, reduces call time so frees up more time for other important UW tasks, allows other UW’s to view work completed by team members so we can review or check information at point of claim or MTA and ensure we hit our compliance target. We could not imagine going back to a time before we had ORA.